Here's one reason you probably ate too much during the Super Bowl yesterday. Certain foods can actually make you feel hungrier and not more satiated.

There's several foods that are major culprits when it comes to making you hungrier and NOT filling you up. I bet you had several last night:

  • Processed foods. They make your blood sugar spike and then crash, which ends up making you feel hungry again before you really should. They also get the reward center of your brain all amped up, so you crave MORE processed food.
  • Alcohol. Booze baby! It lowers your inhibitions. So when you do get a little hungry, you're more likely to eat a lot, or mindlessly keep snacking when you don't need to. But if you're a Rams fan, probably worth it...
  • Artificial sweeteners. Studies have found anything sweet can increase your appetite. But your brain reacts differently to real sugar and artificial stuff.  Sugar registers as a reward in your brain. Artificial sweeteners don't, so you keep feeling hungry.
  • Anything salty. A recent study found salty foods are so addictive, it's almost on par with a mild opiate. So that's one reason it's so hard to stop once you've started eating something like potato chips. Mmm, potato chips...

Salt also makes you thirsty. So you end up taking in extra calories by drinking even more beer or pop.

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