If you’ve seen the good reviews for Star Trek: Picard, but haven’t dipped your toe in yet because the show is only available on CBS All Access and that’s another streaming service and another monthly charge on top of the half-dozen you already pay for, head’s up: The service is now available to anyone for free for one month.

During that time, you can watch the entire first season of Picard — the season finale premieres on Thursday — along with both seasons of Star Trek: Discovery, three seasons of The Good Fight, Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone, and an extensive back catalog that includes SurvivorStar Trek: The Next Generation, the original Twilight ZoneCSII Love Lucy and more.

If you want to sign up, Patrick Stewart himself as the details, including the promo code and direct link:

And if you do sign up, you should definitely check out our weekly videos on our ScreenCrush YouTube channel, where we break down all the Easter eggs, secrets, and references to classic Star Trek in Picard. We’ve already made nine videos; here’s just a few of them.

A lot of streaming services are offering one or two-week trials; a full month is a pretty enticing offer right now, since most of us will be stuck inside for at least that long. This could be a pretty good time to binge some new Star Trek series...

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