One of the most amazing (and sometimes stressful) times in someone's life is their wedding day. We've all heard of these crazy disasters that go on on the day of someone's nuptials. If you've gotten married or have even been in someone's wedding party, then you know how things can sometimes get out of hand.

That's kind of what happened to this Iowa couple.

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I recently found a Waterloo couple who work as event videographers together. Tyler and Madelyn Vande Lune are a filmmaking team that creates lovely wedding videos.

In October of last year, this team captured another Iowa couples' special day. Sydney and Brady tied the knot in Nora Springs.

The hilarious video captures the moment when this couple exchanges "rings". We see the groomsmen slyly slip the officiant something and chuckle. At first, you may assume that he has been handed the traditional wedding rings. Then the couple begins to chuckle, and then you realize that there has been a bit of a switch.
♬ original sound - Tyler & Madelyn Vande Lune

Sydney, the bride takes a big ol' lick of her ring, and the best man absolutely loses it...because it's a ring pop! The groom tries to get through his vows, but right as he says,

"I  give you this ring, as a symbol of my love..."

He bends his head to give his fiancé's wedding jewelry a lick himself, and she hilariously snatches her hand away from him.

Brady turns back to his friend and asks, " You didn't lose the ring did ya?"

The wedding prankster shakes his head and they continue with the service.

You can see the video of this hilarious moment right down below.

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♬ original sound - Tyler & Madelyn Vande Lune

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