What’s the most Iowa thing that happened in your town today? Well, if you live around Waverly, your answer might be a cow on the loose.

A black Angus cow was loaded into a trailer and being transported to a farm just outside of Waverly. According to Wavery Police Department, the driver got all the way to his destination before realizing he was short one cow.

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The cow was being transported from the Waverly Sale Barn to its new home in Frederika.  The cow escaped from the trailer in the northwest part of Waverly and worked its way down to Kohlmann Park.

After two hours, police and several citizens were able to corral the cow back into the trailer where she was transported to the farm.

At Least It Was Only One Cow

Back in January, a truck carrying 77 heads of cattle tipped in Tulsa Oklahoma causing all the cattle to get loose and the interstate to shut down.

The accident caused the interstate to be closed for nearly seven hours with cattle roaming the streets. At least ten cattle were euthanized due to injuries from the crash.

Throughout the night, officers used horse-mounted units, helicopters, and police cars to try to corral the cattle. Some of the cattle have even been found as far as towns 15 miles away from Tulsa.

Even when the interstate was reopened, there were still cows wandering the streets.

According to Channel 6 in Tulsa, several cowboys in the area hopped on their horses and set out to catch the cattle.

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