...and in some cases, even Iowans won't.  Read on.

I recently came across an article on the website Only In Your State:  "9 Sayings That Will Only Make Sense if You're From Iowa".

Some indeed made sense to me.

  • "Scoop the loop": cruising the main drag in town and causing general mischief on the roads with your friends.
  • "We're in hog heaven": plays off of Iowa's connection to the pork industry to express that you're living the good life.
  • "Knee high by the Fourth of July": the corn crop is, well, knee high by July 4th.

Others weren't so obvious:

  • Anyone here ever refer to a porta-potty as a "kybo"? I've never heard of that!
  • Or "lock your door, it's zucchini season". Apparently there are people that lock their doors or hide from neighbors to keep them from sharing excess fresh food from their gardens?! I would just do it and not need a saying for it.

My co-workers and I thought of some others:

  • Do you call it a "sack" or a "bag"?
  • A "garbage" can or a "trash" can?
  • "Soda" or "pop"? We know the dominant one here. Some people even get so specific as to call it "Coke" in some areas of the world.
  • Here are a couple that BLEW MY MIND: Jaymz Larson says in Minnesota they call the things you hold your drinks in, "huggies". We call them "koozies" and he once confused the heck out of a store clerk when he first came here, who literally directed him to the Huggies diapers!
  • It's either a water fountain or drinking fountain right? How about a "bubbler"? Thank our boss Mike Ferris and his Wisconsin ties for referring me to that one.

I haven't even talked to Tom E. Gunn about this yet, our Louisiana transplant. I could probably come up with another whole blog out of his sayings and phrases. What are some other odd expressions like these you can come up with? Share them in the comments!

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