As days get shorter in the fall, they also become cloudier, on average. But think positive, with the shorter days, you won’t have to SEE the cloudy skies as much, right?

According to information on, the clearer portion of the year begins around the first week of June and ends the week of Halloween…then comes the cloudiness.




The clearest month of the year is generally in August, where the skies are clear to partly clear nearly 70% of the time.

The cloudiest month of the year is December, where the sky, on average is mostly cloudy 56% of the time.

The cloudiest day of the year on average is February 6.

According to data from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet, from January through October of this year, six of those 10 months had more mostly cloudy conditions than ‘mostly clear’ skies.

November 2020 was the opposite of the average, with mostly cloudy conditions reported just 31% of the month.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

If you’d like to attempt to plan outdoor Thanksgiving Day activities (when not consuming enormous amounts of food or while watching Football). On average, it is mostly cloudy 58% of the time on past November 25 dates. Precipitation-wise, there is an 18% chance that it might rain/snow on that date.

However, this is not the FORECAST FOR THIS YEAR’S THANKSGIVING, just an ‘average’ of past occurrences on November 25th. Also, when there was precipitation on November 25th, it is most likely between 3 AM and 4 AM, and least likely between 8 AM and 9 AM, according to info from using data from 1980-2020.

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