30 isn't considered old... until you're hanging out with 21-year-olds!

This past weekend, I went out to a bar to see one of my favorite local bands do an outdoor show. I met up with a few friends while we were there, and one of those friends brought some people I had never met before. As it turns out, those people were only 21-years-old.

At one point during the evening, we were discussing the band, which is called Tom's Top 8. The name is, of course, a reference to the MySpace Top 8 from back in the day. Everyone remembers the days of MySpace, right? WRONG. The 21-year-olds didn't know what a Top 8 was! If that wasn't bad enough, another guy in the group was talking about the date he was going to have that evening with a girl he met on a dating app. We were a little confused, because it was already 9 p.m. and there was still an hour of the show left. Who goes on a date at 10 p.m.?! 21-year-olds, that's who. I was in bed by 11 that night.

In honor of my weekend experience, I thought it would be fun to ask listeners about a time when someone made them feel super old! The responses were HILARIOUS. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Rachel Manders - "My teen came home from school and said that his 24-year-old teacher played a really old song for them and only one person in the whole class had even heard of it. Then he says, 'It was called Living on a Prayer?'"
  • Jodie Bailey - "I was buying alcohol and the cashier asked for my ID. I was like, 'of course (happy to be asked)!' But it was short lived when she just stared at it, then replied, 'wow, I did not think you were that old.'"
  • Bobby Sero - "I was talking to a co-worker, telling him he’ll have to come have beers with me and my bro-in-law sometime. He replies, 'I turn 21 Wednesday!'"
  • Teresa Miller - "I heard my 3rd-grade softball players talking about 9-11. I asked, 'do you know when it happened?' And they said, 'like 50-60 years ago.'"
  • Kevin Dudley "'Have you always had white hair?'"
  • Jerry T Simmers - "When Jurassic Park came out I was watching it with my youngest son, and he looked up at me and asked, 'Daddy, did you have to fight the dinosaurs when you were little?'“
  • Kimberly Hubbard - "'You look really young, except for your hands!' OMG!"
  • Sheila Wallace - "A few years ago, I was at a band competition for one of my daughters. The lady beside me asked if I was there to watch my grandchildren, too."
  • Sarah Lizer - "When I told my son I walked to school when I was little, he asked, 'oh, because cars weren’t invented yet?'”
  • Renate Nickell - "A young boy plopped down on an open seat next to me on a ride at Adventureland yesterday. He said, 'hi, I’m 7!' I said, 'hi, I’m 39, almost 40!' He then replied, “WOW! You are OLD, even older than my parents!'"
  • Kristi Clifford - "I took my son in for a haircut, and the lady said, 'how does that look, grandma?'"
  • Jan Copeland - "I called in to renegotiate my cable bill and spoke with a very nice young lady, who, after pulling up my account, said, 'wow, you have been with our company almost longer than I have been alive!'"
  • Cindy Heming - "My daughter told me she feels sorry for me because when I was little I had to watch commercials on TV."

If you have your own story to tell, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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