We're now a few days into Lent, and whether you observe it for religious reasons or just because you'd like to make changes, there are things we all know we can do better on, as shown by responses to our question last week:

What Did You Give Up For

A lot of people make food-related sacrifices:

Others are giving up bad habits:

We REALLY like that last idea. Some have just decided it's kind of like a New Year's resolution and too hard to make wholesale changes for a designated time frame, so they're giving up on giving things up.

Some have just had it with their fellow humans:

Ouch! But here's one I'm pretty sure we can ALL get behind when it comes to giving something up for Lent:

Amen, sir! My personal decision was to give up overthinking for Lent. But I overthought about it and failed already.

Your responses were fascinating and we appreciate them. It's not too late to share with us. Comment below with what you're "giving up" for the 40 days of Lent.

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