What do you think space looks like during your birthday? Have you ever thought about what the stars are like on your special day?

If you are like me, you have probably never thought about what space looks like on your birthday (I mean why would you, you have to focus on your birthday!) but with all this extra time being stuck at home, you are probably finding your mind wandering and pondering things you never thought you would. Like what does space look like on your special day?

NASA is here to help answer that popular question (or what they would like to think is popular). You see, the Hubble Space Telescope is constantly watching the cosmos and taking pictures every day of space. It is also the 30th anniversary of the launching into orbit of the Hubble Telescope this year and to celebrate that, NASA is sharing photos from the days of people's birthdays.

Basically you can go to this website: https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/what-did-hubble-see-on-your-birthday: and then enter your the month and day of your birthday and it will show you a picture captured on your birthday of space! Fun tip: This is a really cool birthday idea to print an image from someone's birthday and frame it! So while you have the time, check out what space looks like on your special day!

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