In full disclosure, I didn't watch a second of the Golden Globes "live" last night. Frankly, I quit watching award shows in general quite some time ago. The shows and movies I like never seem to win much, if they even get nominated. But there's another reason I don't watch them, and it was on full display last night.

In following the highlights and reviews on internet and social media, I enjoyed host Jimmy Fallon's monologue, which seemed to take a bit of a dig at Mariah Carey's technical-glitch-laden, lip-synched New Year's Eve performance, and I'm happy that "The People vs. O.J. Simpson" miniseries on FX and its cast took home a slew of awards. I really enjoyed watching that series.

However, the talk of this year's Golden Globe Awards seems to be one particular speech. Let's just say Meryl Streep, in accepting a lifetime achievement award, couldn't seem to let the show go by without getting political, railing against President-elect Donald Trump. He's known as an entertainer himself, but I would also state that it might be time for Trump to start acting a little more Presidential and less "juvenile" on Twitter when these situations arise.

So many of us are definitely burnt out on politics after the past year, but we can't seem to find an entertainment outlet without politics getting involved. I'm all for freedom of speech. But, I've always liked the Golden Globes more than most other award shows because it stayed away from all that, for the most part. I don't even want to hear political ideology I agree with in an award show setting. I know where to find it when I want it.

Did you watch the Golden Globe Awards? What did you think of the Streep speech? What were your favorite segments/winners? What are your thoughts on award shows in general? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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