We all have our priorities, and most have a limited amount of cash to spend on them. But a recent survey done by Career Builder and posted by PR Newswire revealed the "Top 10 Things We Refuse To Give Up, Regardless of How Broke We Are". The answers are interesting. Here are the top 5:

  • Cable TV (I could take it or leave it these days)
  • Pets and pet-related items (no way I'm giving up Riley)
  • Driving
  • Phone

Before this summer, I thought a phone was just a phone. Then, I finally got a smartphone for the first time and I had no idea how useful they are or how attached I'd become to it.

The biggest thing we can't give up regardless of financial hardship? Internet. Obviously, most of us use the internet on our phone nowadays so the top 2 are kind of interchangeable. I still use it mostly on my PC, though, and I'm going to agree it'd be pretty hard to give up.

The biggest surprise to me was eating out. It also made the list and of all the things that did, you'd think this would be the easiest to give up if you're living "paycheck to paycheck", which the article says almost 80 percent of us are. But that fell just outside the above top five at number 6. 19 percent will not give this up, no matter what.

Oddly, education and the incurring expenses were the third easiest to give up, according to the list.

Check out the rest of the Top 10 HERE and share your thoughts in the comments. What could you not go without no matter how broke you were?

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