I noticed something while driving on Highway 151 to this year's Great Jones County Fair. On my way past the city of Springville, I noticed that the speed limit dropped down to 55 miles per hour. It stayed that way until you passed one of the most dangerous intersections in Eastern Iowa, before eventually returning to it's a normal level. I'm not sure when the change happened, but it's one more thing being done to try and make the intersection of Highway 151 and Springville Road safer.

Another serious accident happened at the intersection on Sunday afternoon. Authorities say a car pulled into the path of a minivan traveling on 151. Drivers of the vehicles were taken to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. Kids in the van were not injured. But it was another serious accident at that intersection. The Iowa DOT has gone back and forth with the city of Springville on what do do about the dangerous intersection.

At a meeting earlier this year, a new intersection was discussed, but some Springville city leaders fear that could hurt local businesses. The DOT is proposing a new $20 million dollar intersection project, but it still isn't on the state's five-year construction project list. Some fear it could take away homes and local roads.

So what should happen to this dangerous intersection? Will reduced speed limits help? Should the DOT install traffic lights or a four-way stop? Clearly, something needs to change to help keep motorists safe.

[via CBS2]

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