How many of us would give up our high school graduation party to throw a party for a homeless shelter instead? Probably not many of us, which is why this teen is already doing way better than most of us.

Leanne Carrasco is a recent high school graduate in Texas who decided to do something a little different for her graduation party. She decided to throw a pizza party for the women and children at a local homeless shelter. Carrasco and her family had previously volunteered at the Star of Hope Family Development Center and she wanted to give back to them.

Carrasco enlisted some of her other high school friends help and took a month to plan the big event. Carrasco and friends gathered  toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand wipes and deodorant and put them into 400 hygiene bags to hand to the residents of the shelter. Then, the big day came this past Sunday. Carrasco got her friends to help serve pizza at the shelter and they ended up serving 95 pizzas to 200 women and children at the shelter. The residents were so surprised that they lined up to give her a hug and thank her.

When asked why she did this instead of a graduation party, her answer was simple. Carrasco said that she wanted to give back to those who don't have as many options/opportunities as her. Carrasco plans to enroll this fall at Briar Cliff University and study nursing.