Just in time for Mother's Day!

An 81-year-old woman in Ireland named Eileen Macken grew up in an orphanage, never knowing her parents. She started the search for her parents when she was 19 and has been searching for the past 60 years with no luck. Last year, she had a break through.

Eileen called into a radio station in Ireland to tell her story and it just so happened that a genealogy expert was listening to the same radio show and decided to help her out. After digging into the case, they found out that Eileen's mom was still alive! Turns out her name is Elizabeth, she lives in Scotland and turns 104 this weekend!

Last month, Eileen flew to Scotland to meet her mom and just showed up on her doorstep and her half-brother answered. Her mom was so happy to see her that she did not want to let go of her hand. Eileen called into the radio station the other day to update them on the whole story.

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