Cooking, baking, cleaning. And that's just the stuff we do on normal days.

The holidays add buying and wrapping gifts, traveling, having extra family around and at some point, it will, in fact, break us.

A new survey from The Sun spotlighted a new poll and actually pinpointed this exact moment. First, the things that get us there.

They include the usual suspects: arguing about politics, what to watch on TV, criticizing each other's life choices, stress over the aforementioned cooking, getting stuck with the chores, hangovers, bad presents, getting stuck babysitting, and...arguing over board games? Even old-fashioned family activities become stressors over the holidays!

It sounds like the "12 Pains of Christmas" Bob Rivers told us about.

At what moment does this all come to a head? According to this survey, set your alarm for this Thursday at around 2:13 p.m. (the article doesn't speak in time zones, so let's assume it's 1:13 here in Iowa). That's when it's going to hit the fan and you'll have had enough.

Arguing over TV seems weird as there are so many ways to watch stuff now. Until that moment hits, here's hoping you have a joyous time celebrating. Merry Christmas!

[Via The Sun]


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