The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the way that we live in a number of different ways. We don't go out as much. We get things like meals and groceries to go. And a new study found that another habit is dying thanks to the pandemic. We aren't using cash to pay for anything.

Now first of all, paying with cash has been a dying trend for years now. Why have cash, when I can use by debit card everywhere. Some people like to always have a little cash with them, just in case they end up in a place where cards are accepted. But in 2021, how many of those places are left? Others like to have a certain amount of their income in cash simply because they claim in makes them spend it slower. Hey, whatever it takes. Personally, I tend to spend cash faster! That may be another issue altogether.

A new survey asked people when they last time they used cash was. The most popular answer? 32% of people said more than one month ago. 14% said within the last month. 27% said within the last few weeks. 23% said within the last few days. And as yo might imagine, the younger the person is, the less likely they are to use cash in the first place.

Overall, 79% of people say that the pandemic has made them less likely to use cash. I can understand that. Handling cash is touching something that had touched an unknown amount of people before it even gets to you. While the coronavirus doesn't live long on surfaces, why take the chance?

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