The holiday season is a time of giving, but let's be honest, we've all been in that situation where your loving friends or family gift you something that you maybe don't really want or need (it's the thought that counts).  So, now that the holiday season is over, it's safe to start looking at ways to prolong the season of giving by getting rid of aforementioned subpar presents.  Charities, and second hand stories are always a great idea, or if you know someone that you can regift it to firsthand, that works too.

There seems to be a period of time where Americans are worried that someone may ask about the gift they gave them, nothing would be worse than having to admit you regifted it. It's always a bit nerve-racking trying to pinpoint when enough time has passed and you're in the clear. Exactly how long do I have to wait to attempt to sell the ugly Christmas sweater at Plato's? But then what if they go into Plato's and see it there? Or what if they ask why I never wear it? It's a whole jolly process of overthinking. There is also such a thing as "regifting etiquette".  This etiquette provides guidelines so you can be informed about appropriate ways to regifting, what types of gifts you can regift, and even how to react if you think you've received a regifted gift.

So, now the question is how long do you think you should wait to regift something?


If you're close friends or have understanding family, regifting is no big deal at all, but some may take it as a personal insult. It's best to remember who gave you the gift before you give it away.

Hopefully you had a wonderful 2020, and 2021 can be even better, and maybe one of your gifts can make someone else have a great year.

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