Happy Holidays! Did you put your Christmas tree and lights up yet? We posed that question to you on Facebook so we could share your excitement. Some of you have already taken advantage of the fantastic weather we recently had for it, some of you are using 2020 as an excuse to break tradition (or continue it) and just go with it because nothing has really been normal this year.

Maybe you've just been waiting for us to flip the proverbial switch on KDAT to Christmas music.  Well, wait no more. Tune in Friday, November 13 starting at around 3 p.m.!

It's been a year like no other. Amidst the fear and anxiety brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, Eastern Iowans also suffered the most damaging storm many of us have ever seen and are still picking up the pieces from the August 10 derecho.

Oh, there was that election thing, too, that seems to be near a conclusion after the bitter political ad barrage and growing divisiveness in our country, seemingly like never before. This year has derailed so many of our traditions, but one thing we know is that even if we can't physically get together with our loved ones this year, the holidays bring us together in so many ways. It's time for our annual tradition to start on KDAT.

You've been asking for it, and we're listening. We are proud to announce that starting this Friday, November 13 through Christmas night, the home of Today's Best Mix will turn once again into Your Holiday Music Station. If you can't wait our Christmas Player is live now online.

We're looking forward to nothing more than bringing you comfort and joy this holiday season when it's needed more than ever.


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