I am not much of a singer, but lately, I have discovered that singing to myself at home, by myself is some of the best stress relief available. I've also heard about what great fun karaoke is but I've never had the courage to take the leap. I was talking to co-workers about how I really need to cut loose, so I am going to try my hand at this karaoke thing--with their presence and moral support.

I would like your input. Please leave suggestions in the comments for the best place for a karaoke "newbie", without too much pressure or judgment and where they don't take it too seriously. Also, feel free to take my poll as to what my first song should be below--or scroll all the way down and leave your own suggestions in the comments as well. Not a scientific or formal poll on either count, just for my personal reference, although I will post the results. I'll let you know when the big night occurs--there might even end up being video!

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