The 2017 Class of nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are about to be announced and I've been on a pretty good streak the last couple years on picking who would get in, after Daryl Hall and John Oates and Chicago both got in. Artists like Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam are awesome, and eligible by the Hall of Fame's standards of being eligible 25 years after the release of the artist's first album. But, I don't think it's quite their time yet. Here are five artists I think are long overdue:

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    Bon Jovi

    They were nominated in 2011, didn't make it, and have not been in the discussion since. I think this is a mistake and despite parting ways with several members over the years, a few of the core group including Jon Bon Jovi are still playing and they should get inducted.

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    The Cars

    One band who has been nominated for a few years running, but have yet to make it is The Cars. You have to give it to older bands who have been vying for their spots in the Hall of Fame for a long time over newly eligible acts first. Why wouldn't you with The Cars with such tracks in their repertoire as "Moving in Stereo", "My Best Friend's Girl" and "You Might Think"?

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    The "Owner of a Lonely Heart" and "Roundabout" rockers have also been waiting in the wings for long enough.

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    The Moody Blues

    Playing the Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids next week, this band has been at it in the music business for close to 50 years. But induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has only been something that came to them "In Their Wildest Dreams". I urge the Hall of Fame committee to change that this year.

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    When it comes to Hall of Fame recognition, Journey and their fans live up to the title of their hit song, "Don't Stop Believing".