There has been a lot of talk these days about the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I do not deny that there are those who are genuinely offended by the song, and to them I say: I understand and I'm sorry if you are offended.

But 104.5 KDAT won’t be banning the song from our playlist.

I hope this helps to explain why.

I believe I can be true to myself and still defend this song, because too many women whom I admire also believe this is an example of over-the-top diligence.

As Brand Manager of KDAT it’s my job to select the songs in our Christmas Music playlist. But ultimately the listeners are always the final decision maker.

That’s the important distinction here: Listeners, not “listener”.

If the majority of listeners were offended by the song - trust me, it would be off the air. It would have never have made the playlist to begin with.

But the truth is, the majority of listeners understand the difference between the flirty playful nature of the lyrics and harmful manipulation.

Most would agree that this song’s lyrical intention was not originally meant to be interpreted as creepy or manipulative.

Yes, it was written in a different time, but in today’s era of #MeToo it’s also true that the song’s message appears to play against the real struggle of sexual harassment that women still face in today’s world.

The problem of sexual harassment needs to be taken seriously, but the song does not.

Because the song is not the problem. If both sides can agree that harassment is bad, then both sides can agree the song is just a cheesy, flirty tune from the 1940's.

Imagine the male and female roles were reversed in the song. What if it were HER trying to convince HIM to stay longer? 

Better yet, what if we were to use this song a teaching tool and as a learning moment to explain to our kids the difference between playful fun and hurtful manipulation?

This song could be the perfect example that helps us discern between harmless teasing (which goes both ways in the process of courtships) and manipulation or coercion that is definitely out-of-bounds.

We might discover that the fine line between teasing and harassment needs to be more clearly defined. And we could all use a refresher course.

Because the issue is serious. But the song is not.

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