When it was announced earlier this week that Blink-182 was coming to Cedar Rapids this fall, my buddy Josh Baumgartner posed a question: "yeah, but on a MONDAY?".

I explained to Josh what I thought was quite obvious: concerts can't always happen on a weekend. "Yeah, but even a Wednesday or Thursday would be better!" First of all, how so? Still a weeknight!

So, why CAN'T concerts always happen on weekends? You'll have to get with my buddy and co-worker Jaymz, who's a concert promoter (and Poker host, and videogropher, and...) on the side for the specifics, but in general, it seems pretty obvious.

  • Does the venue have another event on the surrounding weekends? In this case, no, the U.S. Cellular Center is not booked on the surrounding weekends.  Counting Crows play the previous Tuesday, but the next scheduled event isn't until October 5.
  • Does the artist have a conflict? BINGO. Blink is in Pennsylvania on the 22nd before they have to travel to get here on the 23rd and play a day later. The following weekend, they could play here, but they'll be on a break in the middle of a stretch in Vegas. I doubt they would fly here and back in between. Who could blame them? VEGAS!
  • If concerts only happened on weekends, the tours would take, like, at least twice as long. I don't want to be using a walker by the time this show arrives.

Again, I am not privy to all the "ins and outs" of concert promoting, but these are self-explanatory enough reasons for me. What say you?


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