Happy Thanksgiving from KDAT!

Here is another quick and easy way to win using our free mobile app this week. With help from our friends at Cherry Meadow Winery and Distillery, we are giving away five, $20 gift certificates.

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Entering to win is simple. Download and open the free KDAT mobile app and tap the "Message KDAT" button. Then, simply type in the word WINE and hit send. Take a look at their product list for their very reasonably priced offerings of fruit-flavored wines from apple and blueberry to lemon, lime, blackberry, raspberry, peach and more as well as an array of dips. And, what everyone's looking for in 2020: homemade hand sanitizer.

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We will randomly draw and announce our winners starting Thanksgiving Day. In the midst of a difficult year, we've made it to the holiday season, leaving us lots of blessings to celebrate, despite our challenges. Raise up a toast with your loved ones or give them this special gift. Let KDAT fill your glass with one of the delicious offerings at Cherry Meadow Winery and Distillery, located at 591 62nd Street, Suite 104, just off Highway 13 in Marion.

Cherry Meadow Winery and Distillery also offers locally produced honey and beeswax, and are proud to offer their services as part of the growing event space rental business in the Cedar Rapids area. Check out their website for more information. Their hours vary, but according to Facebook, you can check them out Tuesday 9-3, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4 or other times by appointment by calling (319)521-6431.

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