When I think of earthquakes occurring in America, my brain immediately pictures the west coast. I'm mostly picturing the state of California. According to the United States Geological Survey, California has more earthquakes that cause damage than any other state, along with Alaska. When I think of earthquakes I surely never picture the Midwest. I think mostly of tornados or blizzards when it comes to Midwest natural disasters.

I might have to change my thinking around a little bit because the town of Crandon, Wisconsin, recorded its first earthquake in more than a decade this past Sunday (January 7).

Crandon is located in northeastern Wisconsin and is a smaller town, with a population of 1,782, according to World Population Review.

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The U.S Geological Survey recorded a 2.5 magnitude earthquake around 2.5 miles northeast of Mole Lake at 7:05 a.m. this past Sunday, according to Urban Milwaukee. This was the first earthquake recorded near Crandon in more than a decade. At least 117 people reported to have felt the quake.

Imagine waking up to an earthquake next Sunday morning. That might be the worst alarm clock of all time. It surely would be enough to make you wonder if construction workers are ruining your house or if some kind of nearby explosion happened.

How Do Earthquakes Happen in Wisconsin?

According to Urban Milwaukee, earthquakes recorded in Wisconsin are rare and usually occur because of incidents from other states. Typically Illinois. The largest earthquake ever recorded in Wisconsin was in 1947 and affected 3,000 square feet. The last recorded earthquake in Wisconsin was in 2012 and was measured at a 1.2 magnitude.

There were no injuries reported as the earthquake rattled windows and shook buildings. Thankfully, the only damage reported was minor and the quake resulted in broken windows.

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