Wonder Woman 1984 will not be subject to any more release delays. The film is coming Christmas Day, whether the world is ready or not. We recently learned that the movie is being released directly to HBO Max, but that doesn’t mean a theatrical viewing is completely out of the picture.

Director Patty Jenkins posted a statement to Twitter in which she encouraged fans to watch the movie in theaters “where it is made safe to do so,” and on HBO Max where it is not:

However, some fans responded with unease and animosity towards Jenkins’ statement. For many, her emphasis on seeing Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters feels contradictory to the public health orders telling us to stay inside except for essential purposes.

Just an hour after her initial post, Jenkins added another part to her statement. She revealed that the production team is working on a program that would allow families or small groups to rent out an entire theater to view the movie in safety.

A similar program has already started to roll out in select AMC and Cinemark theaters, allowing customers to rent out a whole auditorium for as little as $99. Viewers can select their movie from a curated list of titles. It’s unclear whether Warner Bros. would simply add Wonder Woman 1984 to AMC and Cinemark’s roster or create a completely separate program for the movie.

Those who are dead set on watching Gal Gadot’s return as Wonder Woman will likely find a way to do so. But for those who’d rather not risk it, the HBO Max viewing option is a safer way to go.

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