On the intersections of Highway 63 and 3, the northbound off-ramp a frantic Sheriff Woody was seen grasping the left arm of Buzz Lightyear while it appears that Woody is hanging on for dear life to the trunk with his left hand.

What could have led to this life-or-death situation on the back of a Kia Rio in Bremer County?

Perhaps Lotso -- the former leader of the toys at the Sunnyside Daycare center -- has once again put the duo into this predicament, still very upset that he was placed onto the grille of a truck at the end of Toy Story 3. 

howtodrawstuff1 via YouTube
Or, perhaps the driver of the vehicle is an adult Sid Phillips from the original Toy Story.

Virtual James via YouTube

Maybe Sid is taking the Toy Story characters to a disgruntled Al McWhiggin's home. (aka "The Chicken Man") Why not? Originally, Al was planned to appear in the 2013 special "Toy Story of Terror," but his scene was cut for timing reasons...and just maybe he's still extremely upset over not being featured in the TV special.

Regardless of the 'Why', the "Where" is EAST. The pair was last seen heading East towards Readlyn.

But what's in the trunk? Perhaps, before Buzz Lightyear fell from the Kia, the duo was attempting to gain entrance INTO the trunk to free a frightened Jessie. As we learned from "Toy Story of Terror," Jessie despises being confined to any small area -- you know, LIKE A KIA RIO'S TRUNK!

The StormBolt 2021 via YouTube

Or...perhaps the driver of the vehicle is looking for the nearest Pizza Planet. :)

Crazy Buzz fan via YouTube


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