It's a much friendlier--and more lucrative--version of the story of the forcible airline removal that has everyone talking.

One family recently made big money off their ongoing flight cancellation saga. The story from Consumerist says that stormy weather last weekend caused a flood of delays for Delta Airlines.

The airline initially offered pizza as a consolation prize to fliers for their inconvenience, but for some that wasn't good enough, including a woman named Begley Bloom, who managed to talk the airline into reimbursing each member of her family $1,350 each for their plane tickets, a grand total of $4,050.

They managed to pick up flights to their destination but the same situation re-occurred on the return, earning them another $4,000. But, that wasn't it. The re-booking of the originally cancelled return flight was also delayed, and they negotiated yet another thousand bucks per lunch money and cab fare!

In all, the Begleys wound up with around an extra $11,000 for their weekend travel nightmare.

Would you take 11 grand to be put through this much travel turmoil? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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