After seven whole seasons, Young Sheldon will conclude its run on television this coming May.

It had a good run for a spinoff. The show served as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, featuring the child version of the character played on that show by Jim Parsons. Big Bang Theory remains one of the longest-running multi-camera comedy ever made, lasting for 12 seasons and almost 280 episodes on CBS.

Young Sheldon didn’t make it quite that long It didn't quite make it to those lofty heights, but most didn't expect it to. Fans of the show also don't have to be too disappointed, because the word is that Chuck Lorre actually has another spinoff planned.



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Amy Reisenbach, the president of CBS, recently released a statement about the ending of Young Sheldon. 

As a prequel to one of the biggest comedies, Young Sheldon proved lightning can strike twice. It set itself apart with a remarkable cast that felt like a family from the first moment we saw them on screen and brought characters to life with unique heartfelt stories that drew audiences in from the start. We extend a sincere thank you to executive producers Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, and Steve Holland and the entire writing and producing teams for six wonderful seasons. We look forward to seeing their final season unfold and giving it a proper send-off with the best episodes yet for their fans to enjoy.

The executive producers, Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, and Steve Holland, also released a statement.

Being able to tell the origin of Sheldon Cooper, and expanding the story to include the entire Cooper family has been a wonderful experience. We are grateful to our fans for embracing this chapter of the Coopers these past six seasons, and on behalf of the entire Young Sheldon family, we’re excited to share this final season with you.

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