I was surfing the web early this morning when I came across one of the most mind-blowingly relatable articles I have ever seen.

According to research from the "Association for Psychological Science", your "meanest" friend could be the one who cares about you the most. WHAT?!

Let's look at their reasoning, which is two-fold. First, it's the classic "tough-love" scenario. Your "meanest" friend might be the most honest, telling you what you need, but may not want to hear. Think Sheldon and Leonard or Barney and Ted.

Secondly, they could just be taking one for the team. Something is stressing you out, annoying you, making you angry or upset. Maybe even causing you to lose focus. Your friend steps in to treat you in a way you feel is insensitive, but they might be doing it on purpose. Essentially, they love you SO much, they'd rather have you mad at them than worry about that other stuff. Awwww!

We all have this friend. I have one. On one hand, I would like to call bull___ on this theory, but a very small part of me gives credence to it. (Just what this friend needs, by the way. More validation).

What say you? Is your mean friend just being cruel to be kind? Weigh in with a comment.

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