You may have a quicker trip to Target from now on. No more going in and leaving with everything but what you came for (who am I kidding? That will still happen). According to Thrillist, the company is redesigning many of its stores, starting in October.

The long story made short is, you can count on most Targets to look like Super Targets already do (I didn't even know there were that many non-Super Targets left). They'll have separate entrances for apparel, home goods, and another entrance for groceries--and more self-checkouts to help expedite quicker visits. Also...storeside order delivery!

You won't even have to go to the checkout line to pay, as every single store will also offer "pay as you stand", where you can pay from anywhere in the store, with the help of staff who will be circulating throughout.

With the "brick and mortar" retail industry facing serious problems that are only getting worse, Target hopes their changes make for a better in-store shopping experience for customers.

I'd like your insight. Would any of these changes be beneficial at our locations in Eastern Iowa? Share your thoughts in the comments and see what other changes are coming to Target at Thrillist.

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