It sounds cold at first: a Zoom Thanksgiving. With the Coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, scenes like the one above are not recommended, but will likely still happen. There are guidelines from local and regional public health departments and the CDC  to stay apart physically due to the pandemic, leaving many to wonder how they will make the holidays less lonely.

If you use Zoom, you may be aware that with the free version, there is a 40-minute time limit for single calls/meetings using their service. Those using it for the first time at the holidays to connect with family would find a 40-minute time limit quite unhelpful.

There's good news, as according to KWWL, Zoom announces they are lifting that time limit on Thanksgiving Day. Chat and enjoy each other's company to your heart's content (virtually) without restrictions.

Business Insider offers tips from AP food writer Katie Workman for those not too savvy with Zoom yet (like me): keep your same family traditions going, albeit virtually, from the meal to the games to the verbal giving of thanks around the (virtual) table. You can even place your laptop at the head of the table so everyone can see each other.


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