On Air


Hosted by Bob and Sheri

As a child growing up in Old Lyme, Conn., BOB LACEY bused tables and washed dishes at his father’s restaurant and fully understood that food service was not to be his life’s calling.


He took his first job as a r…


Hosted by Eric Stone

Lifelong radio fan, living on the air in Cedar Rapids for over 15 years, most of them at KDAT.  I love being part of the radio business in this community. Catch me on KDAT hosting your mid-day at-work listening and on weekends! I …


Hosted by Courtlin
Hello! I’m Courtlin! I am from the magical land of Detroit, Michigan. When I’m not working I enjoy binge watching shows on Netflix, eating nachos, singing karaoke, spending money I don’t have, and stalking peopl…


Hosted by John Tesh

Twenty five years and 50 plus recordings into his multi-faceted, ever-evolving musical career, John Tesh is finally ready to swing—not metaphorically as in the cliché “for the fences,” but literally. On his new Big Band collection…