During the winter months in Iowa, especially when we've dealt with massive amounts of snow and frigid cold temperatures for a little bit too long, we might find ourselves wondering "why do I still live here"? Furthermore, how many times a year do you find yourself lamenting that "there's nothing to do here!" There are too many Mexican restaurants yet we try as many of them as we possibly can. There "aren't enough good concerts" but we sell them out every time.

We may claim to despise at least one individual season and joke when we experience all four of them "in one week" but that's just yet another experience that is uniquely Iowan.

We stay for our family, friends, or even our jobs but it doesn't seem like anyone thinks about what they like most about living in Iowa. A handful of people said they would miss "nothing" but there's a lot more to love here than we realize, and we took to Facebook to find out.

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I used to always miss my favorite radio station if I was away from Iowa (which, granted isn't very often.) But I no longer have to thanks to the miracle of modern technology and neither do you.  Even if you do move, or just take a vacation) you can take a taste (and sounds) of home wherever you go by downloading our free mobile app. Visit your phone's app store or the link above.

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