WATCH: Dog Reunites With Family After 11 Months Lost in Chicago
Do you have them next to you? Okay good, you're definitely going to need them. I'm a sucker for animal videos of all kinds. But animal reunion videos are a whole different level of heartwarming.
This holiday season, one dog got the gift of being reunited with her family jus…
You Can Get Paid to Taste Test Pumpkin Pie This Holiday Season
It's Thanksgiving week, and that means A LOT of pie is about to be consumed. But I've found a reason you should save room for some more pie AFTER Thanksgiving is over. I mean, you should always indulge in some pie, but did you know you could get paid to eat pie...
Papa John's Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza is Back For Halloween
Halloween 2020 - Like everything else this year, it's going to look very different. A lot of people will probably be doing what they've been doing all year, aka sitting on the couch. What makes sitting on the couch a whole lot better? PIZZA...

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