Jeopardy fans, it's time to test your knowledge!

The beloved game show has been around for decades and featured questions on a variety of subjects. This got us wondering if there were any questions that had to do with Iowa and Cedar Rapids. And, of course, there were!

You can dig through the database at to see what you can dig up on your city, but in the meantime see how many of these Cedar Rapids/ Iowa related questions you can get right. No cheating!

Oh, and these are written Jeopardy-style. So you'll have to provide the question for each answer. Correct answers (or questions) are at the bottom of the article. Good luck!

1. In 2011 Iowa got its first whitewater rafting park, naturally on this river with well-known rapids.

2. Said to be largest cereal mill in world, this co.'s mill in Cedar Rapids, Iowa really feels its oats.

3. The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art houses the largest collection of this native Iowan's paintings.

4. Dentist Byron McKeeby of Cedar Rapids, Iowa was immortalized in this 1930 painting along with the artist's sister.

5. Since 1972 these Iowa candidate selection events have been a key first contest in the race for the White House.

6. In 1873 near Adair, Iowa, this outlaw & his gang hit the Rock Island line in the "first train robbery in the West".

7. To help the war effort, in 1943 Iowa farmers grew 40,000 acres of this 4-letter crop, genus Cannabis.

8. Carlisle, Iowa's Bobbi McCaughey made history in Nov. 1997 by giving birth to the first surviving set of this many babies.

9. This Iowa settlement lent its name to the company that makes the Radarange.

10. Buddy Holly & friends perished near this Iowa city named for a beautiful body of water.

Here are some Iowa-related pictures for you to enjoy as you scroll down to the answers.

Photo: Larson
Photo: Larson
Black and white calf

Answers: 1) What is the Cedar River, 2) What is Quaker, 3) Who is Grant Wood, 4) What is American Gothic, 5) What is the Iowa Caucus, 6) Who is Jesse James, 7) What is Hemp (gotcha!), 8) This one makes our brains hurt trying to put it into a question so the answer is 'seven', 9) What is Amana, 10) What is Clear Lake

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