Kindness is something that should be practiced every day, however, Thursday, February 17th has been elected as Random Acts Of Kindness Day. When we practice kindness either to other people or towards ourselves we can experience positive mental and physical changes through lowering stress levels and increasing the body's production of feel-good hormones. So let's start spreading kindness!

Here is a list of 10 random acts of kindness you could do today. 

1: Pay It Forward

Maybe you go through the drive-through today, a kind thing you can do is to pay for the person behind you. This could lead to more people passing on your initial act of kindness. Though this is a common example, remember, paying it forward doesn't mean you're passing money, you are passing kindness. You can pay it forwards by passing compliments too!

2: Leave A Note For A Coworker

So many people find work to be a stressful place. Imagine walking into your office and seeing a kind note on your desk from one of your coworkers. Leaving a note saying you notice how hard someone works and that you appreciate their efforts will surely make anyone's day.

3: Compliment 5 People

Compliments help us communicate the appreciation we feel toward one another. Dig down deep and give 5 people a genuine compliment.

4: Let The Person Behind You Go Ahead

This is one of the simplest things you can do. It is much like holding open a door. You letting someone go ahead makes them feel like you care about their time.

5: Call Your Parents and Grandparents

Let's be honest. When is the last time you called your grandparents? They know you are busy and living your best life, but they love you so much. Call your grandparents and let them know you still care, catch up and see how much money they have won at Bingo!

6: Donate Something

Take a look through your clothes, search for toys your kids don't play with anymore. Gather unused things up and donate them to a local shelter or Goodwill. Your old sweatshirt could help keep someone warm this winter.

7: Pick Up Litter

Help the Earth today and pick up a piece of litter instead of walking past it.

8: Leave a Positive Review for a Local Business

Whether is your local grocery store or your personal Chiropractor, go onto google reviews and leave them a positive review. Businesses are always looking for feedback and it gives them an uplifting feeling when they see a happy customer share their experience.

9: Ask Someone if They Need Help

Maybe you know a student who needs help studying or a mother that could use a hand with the kids. Whoever it may be, reach out to them and offer your assistance. Your helping hand could mean the world to them today.


Not only is it important to be kind to others, but also to yourself! Don't forget to do something for yourself today. Give yourself a compliment, treat yourself with your favorite ice cream, or have a self-care night in the bubble bath.

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There is no doubt that life is hard, and the world is not the most forgiving. Today and every day is a challenge, but don't look at it as an impossible obstacle, instead say, challenge accepted, and be a kinder person. Show your kindness and it will spread. Happy Kindness Day!

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