But it does have the right stuff! OK, Before I "push it" any further with my puns, I'll get to the point.

Rick Astley recently joined the 1-billion view club on YouTube, credited in part to the half-annoying, half-awesome aforementioned "Rick-Roll" memes. It's where you click on a link that takes you to the Rick Astley video rather than what you thought you were clicking to. He joined the likes of fellow 80s pop stars A-ha and a handful of others earning the distinction with his hit video "Never Gonna Give You Up" and now he joins a lineup of his fellow '80s and '90s icons on a tour that stops in the Hawkeye State next summer.

The party continues Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 7:30. "The Mixtape Tour 2022" is at Wells Fargo Arena.

Also on the bill will be the legendary headliners New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), En Vogue, and Salt 'N Pepa. Tickets are now on sale  Hy-Vee Tix.

Astley made a post on his Facebook page announcing the news.

Don't call Mr. Astley or anyone else on this tour a One-Hit Wonder. He had success with Top 10 follow-ups "Together Forever" and "She Wants to Dance With Me", then slowed things down in the early '90s with a minor hit ballad "Cry For Help". We know what the New Kids On the Block did, with "The Right Stuff" and "Step by Step" among their many earworms, while En Vogue and Salt 'n Pepa have had separate storied careers but also collaborated on one epic, magic jam together.

So buy your tickets now because it's gonna be a party!

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