The average person only gets seven really good nights of sleep every month, according to a new survey. And it shows.

We spend an average of five hours every day feeling tired, and drop an average of $52-a-month on coffee and energy drinks to try to wake up. And we're late to work five times a month because of our bad nights of sleep.

The survey also found the top signs you got a bad night of sleep. And they are:

  1. Yawning all morning.
  2. Your productivity slips.
  3. You're in a bad mood all day.
  4. You hit snooze more than once.
  5. You sleep through the alarm.
  6. You have trouble focusing.
  7. You get headaches.
  8. You skip part of your morning routine.
  9. You don't look your best.
  10. You can't keep your eyes open.

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