Hold onto your forks, foodies! Two restaurants in Illinois and Wisconsin have been named among the most beautiful in America by People and OpenTable, and you'll definitely want to check them out.

The 50 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America

We all have our favorite restaurants to eat at. Sometimes these restaurants are chosen as our favorites solely because of the food, other times they are chosen for the atmosphere.

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In the case of  People and OpenTable's recent collab on the '50 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America', the restaurants named were chosen for one reason only; design.

These culinary gems aren't just serving up delicious dishes, they're serving up serious ambiance too.

The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Illinois

For the record, I happen to believe Illinois has a ton of beautiful restaurants to enjoy, but it should come as no surprise that a Chicago restaurant was the one chosen by People and OpenTable as Illinois' "most beautiful".

Tre Dita is located at 401 E Wacker Dr. inside the St. Regis Chicago hotel and allows diner to; "indulge in handmade Tuscan pastas and signature dishes prepared on a woodfire grill".

The St. Regis Chicago via Facebook
The St. Regis Chicago via Facebook

The view above is the exact reason Tre Dita was chosen as Illinois' most beautiful restaurant. People's article says; "Tre Dita’s swanky dining room gazes upon Lake Michigan and the Chicago River through dramatic 40-foot windows."

The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Wisconsin

Craving a glamorous night out? Then I.d. in Delafield, Wisconsin might be your perfect match. Just look at how cool the ceiling of the restaurant is...

I.d., located in the Delafield Hotel, was chosen as Wisconsin's most beautiful restaurant by People and OpenTable primarily because of its unique ceiling design and fun vibes.

I.d. is a small plate, farm-to-table-restaurant that prides on using located produced ingredients, that also hosts a Sunday brunch menu that people rave about!

So, the next time you're looking for a restaurant that is as delicious as it is delightful, consider these Illinois and Wisconsin gems. Here's a few more to check out while you're at it.

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