Only in Your State recently published a list of the "11 Things People Do In Iowa that Seem Insane Everywhere Else". Most of them revolve around our loyalty to each other, and as always, the negative stereotypes we get for being known for helping feed the country. Here are 5 of the other most notable items.

  • Having a Favorite Grocery Store

    Whether it's Hy-Vee, Fareway, Aldi or somewhere else, to most people it's just a place to get milk and bread. But in Iowa, loyalty is everything, even with grocery stores.

  • Intense Sports Rivalries

    It's insane, maybe only because it's the only time we take sides against one another, but when the Hawkeyes, Cyclones (and Panthers and Bulldogs) play each other, everyone has a preference and are fiercely loyal to them.

  • Getting Jacked Up About Fair Food

    Well, when you're the best at it by a long shot, it's hard not to get excited. Deep-fried everything on a stick is uniquely Iowa.

  • Actually ENJOYING A Bike Marathon

    Every summer, people ride their bikes across the state, on purpose, and people come out to watch and hang out with them when they shut down for the night in their town. While bicycling is becoming more popular, Iowa's way of doing it with RAGBRAI is still the best, and definitely not weird to us.

  • Iowa Rules Politics

    The Iowa caucuses are one of the first measuring sticks every election year toward helping pick the new President, and folks come out in droves to do their civic duty. Again, it's all about loyalty here in Iowa.

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