Mother Nature is still trying to make up her mind, but summer will soon be here. You can count on that. We have the best summers in Iowa and several rules to live by when the season arrives.


1.) Thou shall discharge one's own fireworks now that they will be legal in Iowa.

2.) Thou shall not wear socks with flip-flops, or long socks with shorts.

3.) Thou shall attend as many Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmer's Markets as possible, if not all of them.

4.) Thou shall wear sunscreen outside at all times.

5.) Thou shall grill out a minimum of 4 times a week between May and September.

6.) Thou shall greet and party with RAGBRAI riders stopping in your town.

7.) Thou shall crank whatever type of music thy listens to as loudly as possible all night long...or at least until thy neighbor complains...or calls the police.

8.) Thou shall make plans to attend Uptown Friday Nights, the Great Jones County Fair, the Linn County Fair, the Iowa Stair or any other outdoor concert, festival or fair available.

9.) Thou shall eat whatever type of food on a stick is available at said fair.

10.) Thou shall inevitably complain about it being too hot but thou would be wrong. That's kind of the point. IT'S SUMMER.





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