We always hear "don't grocery shop on an empty stomach", but a new report published by KCRG in their Moms Everyday section indicates that may not be the only mistake we make at the supermarket. The report, which cites SavingsAngel.com, gives 5 examples of things you should do for a cheaper and more efficient grocery shopping trip.


  • Be Organized

    Never shop without planning it out first, from your list to coupons when possible, and even planning out your meal menus in their entirety so you'll get what you need and only that.

  • Be Flexible

    If you're a tried-and-true user of particular brands, that's fine, but don't be surprised if you could save a little more by trying something different.

  • Keep Track of Prices

    Be alert for the cost of things at different stores because they may not always be the same everywhere, and in some cases could be drastically different.

  • Shop Around

    To go along with #3 it's always wise to shop around. Don't limit yourself to shopping at one store, because you might find a better deal on particular items in general, somewhere else.

  • Plan Ahead

    If you have a time frame in mind for how long you want to wait between shopping trips, it goes without saying to make sure you stock up and purchase enough for that duration--a week, ten days or for however long you need to buy your time. Milk and other perishable items are an exception.

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