It's been awhile since we didn't have every meeting happening over Zoom, but as we start to go back to work, maybe it's time for a refresher on workplace etiquette. In this edition, we'll go over how not to piss everyone off in a meeting.

DON'T (Or DO If You Want to Not Work There Anymore):

  1. Show Up Unprepared: You showing up thinking you're just going to wing your presentation isn't going to get you any further in your career. Your brand becomes the "lazy guy."
  2. Show Up Late: You might think it makes you look important and busy-busy-busy, but really it makes you look like you have zero time management skills.
  3. Tune Out: It's rude to only pay attention during the stuff that applies directly to you. It is a big sign of disrespect, and you never know when your outsider's view will be the thing that makes the difference.
  4. Slouch and Yawn: When you slouch, you send the message that you're bored, which isn't cool. Good Posture = Good Impression.
  5. Make Excuses For Questions: Don't start off with "Is it okay if I ask a question?" or "This is a dumb question, but-" because it makes you seem like you're not confident in the slightest.
  6. Repeat To Be Heard: "I agree with Tim, we need to focus on on that" is the biggest example of not coming up with your own thoughts. Stop it. Think of your own stuff, and don't pipe up to repeat what somebody says.
  7. Hog the Floor: If you need to present something, or pose a question; get in, make your point, get out. Don't make the meeting run longer to try and seem impressive. 20 minutes of fluff,
  8. Use Your Phone or Tablet the Whole Time: Hopefully by now you've noticed that the majority of this has been about respecting the attention of others, and not hogging much of it to yourself. When you're on your phone, you're not in the meeting. You're telling your boss, or whoever is speaking, that you couldn't care less about the rest of this meeting, and in a longer term, your job.

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