Gracelyn Spring is now 9 months in remission from cancer. She's a 9-year-old from Alburnett, Iowa, who's battling Ewing Sarcoma.

According to Solving Kids Cancer Ewing Sarcoma is

"a rare type of childhood sarcoma that grows in bone or the soft tissue surrounding it. It is typically found in the center of the body, such as the chest, pelvis, or vertebrae, but can appear in any bone, including the hands, feet, arms, legs, and skull. It is most often diagnosed during puberty, but can also occur in younger children or adults."

Like most individuals who battle cancer, themselves and their families are forced into the unknown. While Gracelyn is 9 months in remission from cancer, there have still been lingering effects.

Her mother, Kelsey Springer, told KCRG

”What they don’t prepare you for is life after cancer. She has some physical things, some permanent you know hair loss and some brain damage and thyroid issues and hearing loss, and all of that good stuff that we were prepared for. But it’s mostly the behavioral, emotional stuff that we weren’t prepared for.”

Here's where the good news of the story takes place. There's a nonprofit called My Happy Place, that has a group of volunteers who want to help change sick children's lives.

According to their website they "provide children with a bedroom makeover to give them a fun, safe, and therapeutic environment where they can thrive." They have multiple locations in and around Iowa, including affiliates in Fort Dodge, Mason City, Des Moines, and Waterloo/Cedar Falls.

Lisa Tan is the Executive Director of My Happy Place and she told KCRG children need their own space to heal.

”They need their haven, they need their happy place. So they can go in that room, it’s kind of like their zen.”

There was a fundraising goal of $2,800 for Gracelyn's room, which was raised in a matter of 3 days. My Happy Place is still on the lookout for a queen-sized bed and a salon that would do Gracelynn and her mother's nails according to KCRG. The big reveal is planned for Sunday, June 12th.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with My Happy Place they are always looking for volunteers or donations. You can learn more about how to do both on their website.

Cancer is a disease that no one should have to go through but whenever you hear about a young child battling through it, it hits you differently. Young sick children spend so much of their early life in the hospital, you wonder how they ever have time to have fun? Thankfully Gracelyn has the spirit and mind of a warrior. You'll have to combine that with a little princess too.

She told KCRG

”I’ve always been a warrior princess, I just like being a princess.”

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