We all need some inspiring stories in our life right now. This year more than ever it seems like the bad news has far outweighed the good. That's why it's important to share as much good news as possible so the goodness spreads far and wide.

That's exactly what happened at a Dairy Queen drive thru in Brainerd, Minnesota. Have you ever had somebody pay for your order while in a drive thru? It's an act of kindness that reminds you of the good in humans. That act of kindness happened at the Minnesota Dairy Queen, but one act of kindness actually led to two and a a half days of paying it forward.

Not one, not two, not three, but NINE HUNDRED cars paid for the person's meal behind them in the drive thru. Yeah, you read that right, 900 cars.

I'm not crying you're crying. 900 cars and two and half days later the chain of kindness came to a close. The store manager detailed how the whole chain got started -

So the lady pulled up and I said just to let you know the gentleman in front of you paid for your order. If you like I can pay it forward and you can pay for the order behind you and we can keep this going. She's like 'really, why would he do that?' I said we just have it every once in a while where someone will take care of the person behind them and today is your lucky day.

And that woman wasn't going to be the one to stop the good vibes, and thus the chain of positivity and giving took off.

I really loved what the manager said about the whole experience though.

No matter what hard times anyone is going thru, just take care of each other, you know, that's what it is … take care of each other.

I hope this story inspires you today.

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