As states across the country, including Iowa, continue to discuss the elimination of the "Daylight Saving Time" concept, moving the clock ahead one hour every spring and back one hour every fall, a shocking discovery has been made that may need to be rectified quickly.

The "Sunshine Protection Act" was introduced in Florida and passed unanimously in the United States Senate earlier this year. It's the closest we've come to a move away from Daylight Saving Time, but according to Florida Today, it has still not passed in the U.S. House. Not only that but, yet another minor obstacle might still be standing in its way.

The federal government has discovered there is no official map designating the time zones! Have we all been told we lived in a certain time zone and just assumed it to be true? It's not actually that serious, but upon discovering this error, the United States Department of Transportation began to immediately work on mapping the time zone situation out. This is the current generally accepted time zone map.

Read more on how that breaks down here.

Here is another, very similar map from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics that points out how many small tweaks the various time zone maps have undergone over the years.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Bureau of Transportation Statistics

You can certainly see where confusion might reign for a few of those locations that have teetered, but Iowa is as centrally-located as it gets. The time zone is not likely to change for us, or almost anyone else, but officials did notice a few minor discrepancies between various "unofficial" time zone maps, according to CNN/KCCI.

For example, on one map, "Elko County, NV is shown as the location that changed time zones rather than the correct location, the city of West Wendover."

The official boundaries are narratively described [in federal regulations] with various types of coordinates and geographic features such as lines of longitude, State or county lines, and rivers

That's why they say it's so important to get this situated and made official as quickly as possible. It may not be the biggest priority on Americans' minds, but it's a crazy thought.

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