Are you tired of talking about this yet?

By now, you hopefully realize we have gone through yet another cycle of switching our clocks around, this time "falling back" one hour to return to Standard time. We are so close, yet so far away from abolishing this first-world problem from our lives, as the Senate has unanimously passed the Sunshine Protection Act. It's now in the hands of the House and who the heck knows what they are waiting for?

Actually, the hold-up is likely to be which of the two clock switches (fall or spring) would be the final one before it all ends. Do we stay on Standard time, like we just switched to, or will we make the spring switch to Daylight Saving Time the last one?

Either way, that unanimous vote by the Senate has an expiration date and it's coming up quickly. If the House of Representatives doesn't act by the end of the current legislative session, this starts all over. A new vote begins and there's no guarantee it's going to go the same way.

According to The Hill, that legislative "lame duck" session ends in just 15 days. The publication also cites a Monmouth poll showing Americans overwhelmingly in favor of abolishing the process. 61 percent of respondents said to do away with it, while 31 percent said to keep it. For the record, 44 percent of the yes's said to keep it on Daylight Saving Time, meaning the Spring switch. I agree. I'd rather have the sun out later and make the next Spring-forward the last change, personally.

It certainly looks like a change will not be arriving in this legislative cycle. One thing is for sure, the debate and for some, the agony will continue until it does.

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