Just in time for National Corn On The Cob Day (June 11th), Matt Benedetto from Unnecessary Inventions has come up with a new handy way to butter your cob.

Specializing in "solving real world problems that do not exist by designing and creating products that no one is asking for," Matt saw a need for a faster and more effecient way to butter corn on the cob.

The invention is simple: think of sticking a pad of butter in the palm of your hand, and just rubbing it in to the corn on the cob.

Buttering corn is a problem that's existed since the beginning of time, and everyone thinks they have a genius new way to do it better.

Some have put out tools, some have put out sprays, all claiming to make buttering your corn better.

Really, nothing's better than a good old fashioned hand, and this keeps your hand from getting all gooey.

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