What happens when two people with ties to a handful of the most popular restaurants in town come together on yet another venture?

You get the "Hip-Stir", a new place in Marion that will soon occupy the former Ramsey's Wine Bistro at 1120 7th Avenue. Justin Zehr owns LP Street Food, Bricks Pub, Moco Game Room & Hot Dog Bar, and soon, "The Hip-Stir".

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, he is joining Tim Oathout, an experienced head chef, and former manager at Zeppelin's for what they call a unique concept expected to open sometime this summer for carryout and outdoor dining. Don't call it upscale, but definitely call it different.

"Nothing intimidating. Fun, creative cuisine", according to Zehr, who noted that the menu will evolve after opening to let customer demand dictate the eventual full menu. Some early items they will offer include shaved fried bologna sandwiches, smoked chicken miso udon, sweet potato tacos, bone-in pork belly ribs, and yes, charcuterie. By the way, the "stir" in "Hip-Stir" is meant to tease a selection of some pretty snazzy drink offerings.

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This isn't the only new venture Zehr is working on. Sweet treats are also on the menu as he's getting ready to open The Scoop Coop, a new ice cream parlor. It will be opening in the coming weeks and offer all Iowa-made ice cream products. You can read more about it HERE.

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