Cedar Rapids is about to get a new, unique ice cream shop. One that will sell ice cream made right here in the Hawkeye State. The new place, undoubtedly opening to quench my insatiable thirst for ice cream, will be located in a building that once-upon-a-time was home to a popular ice cream store chain.

The Scoop Coop will be opening at 302 3rd Ave. SW in Cedar Rapids. The building that will house it was a Dairy Queen at one time, according to the Gazette.

When you head into The Scoop Coop, which is expected to open within weeks, you'll have 12 different hand-scooped options, all of them made in Iowa. The Gazette reports the choices will include Wells Blue Bunny, based in LeMars, and Dan and Debbie's Creamery, in Ely. The Scoop Coop will also make some of its own flavors.

Drinks will also be on the menu, including six ice cream floats that include some alcohol.

The Scoop Coop is sure to be a popular spot, especially with the large patio it shares with LP Street Food, which is located in the same parking lot. Owner Justin Zehr, who owns both businesses, told the Gazette,

The point of it is not just to serve ice cream, but to expedite the experience for customers with a patio we built out last year. You can just come up to the window and order a drink.

The Scoop Coop is just part of an expansion in businesses by Zehr. In addition to The Scoop Coop and LP Street Food, the Gazette says he also owns Moco Game Room & Hot Dog Bar, Bricks Pub, and the Hip-stir, which is opening in Marion. You can learn more about that restaurant HERE.

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